Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marvel Battleworld


I don't know if it's been because I'm sick and hopped up on super antibiotics or what, but the closer the Battleworld gets here in May the more I dread it. Yes, there are things that I'm excited about with it, but I just need to see it. I need to see how this will be better than good old planet Earth where the heroes of Marvel have been for decades. I really dread that this is going to be some huge mistake and the quarter bins will be stuffed full of issues of stuff next to seventy five copies of Rob Liefield Image Comics.
It's gonna be good, right?
I think I've worried more about this than the Mayan calendar in 2012.
Such a nerd.
I'm going to miss the old Marvel.
But that Steve Rogers/ Devil Dinosaur mash up is going to be so cool.
Maybe we find out in the end that its some kind of huge What If? scenario and when the other shoe drops we go back to good old Marvel?
Yeah, probably not.
This sucks.
I'm glad it's not May yet.

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