Friday, March 20, 2015

Fridays because...why not?

I have been toying with the idea of a weekly column for this blog for a while. It always comes down to time and what to write about. Luckily, I have a desk job at a call center and it has been slow in the mornings so that excuse is gone.
Now, the other one.
What to write about?
Currently, that's not too hard either. Both of the major publishers are revamping their lines and changing the way they do comics...again!
For Marvel it is Secret Wars. DC has Convergence. Of the two I think I might just hitch my wagon to Marvel. They rarely, if ever, do a reboot of this magnitude so it will be fun to see what they do with Secret Wars.
While that leaves DC out in the cold, I am okay with that. With the exception of two comics (Justice League Dark, which is cancelled and Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, I haven't bought much DC) that get my hard earned ducats every month. Marvel, while also a little slim, just gets more of my business; Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, The Black Vortex crossover, SHIELD, Amazing X-Men, Howard The Duck are the ones that float upwards to my brain at the moment.
Independents are John Carter, Warlord of Mars from Dynamite and Godzilla, Rulers of the Earth from IDW. I thought I was fond of Edward Scissorhands from the same company, but after four issues it doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast. I may venture into Bill and Ted territory, but I'm not sure. I did buy the first two issues of Little Nemo in Slumberland, but have yet to find the third issue at the store.  
As for what is coming for the future;
I realize that Godzilla is ending in four issues which is a bummer unless IDW spins off another series. As long as it isn't as terrible as Godzilla:Cataclysm I will probably buy it.
Dynamite is doing great with John Carter and the are releasing The Avenger soon and as long as they don't screw it up I will buy that automatically.
Now for Marvel and DC. Let's do DC first.
I am refusing to jump on the Convergence, but after that what happens? Let's see what I'm willing to work with;
Sensation Comics will still be here so that's a yes.
Bat Mite and Bizarro look like fun and will warrant at least a first issue purchase.
Dr. Fate also will get an issue to impress me.
Add Prez for a taste of issue 1.
And that is really that. I might try Justice League 3001, still waffling on that title.
Marvel Comics will get me with Secret Wars.
I'll need the Secret Wars title for sure. In addition;
Howard and Squirrel Girl will still be around so those are a lock. SHIELD is probably going nowhere so, that's a keeper.
Secret Wars: Battleworld has Howard the Duck in it so that's a plus.
Master of Kung Fu looks like fun, but 4 issue miniseries is lame.
A-Force is all the female Avengers so I will get that. Well, I'll try it. If it's lame, it's out.
Weirdworld looks interesting that's a maybe. I'll probably read it at the store and see if it's worth buying.
Planet Hulk has Steve Rogers as a gladiator with his trusty steed Devil Dinosaur. If I buy nothing else I'm buying this.

Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos...of course I'm buying this. Read the title. Everyone should buy this.
Where Monsters Dwell might be good. I'll check it out. Too bad it's only five issues.
Marvel has a lot more titles than DC. No real surprise there.  I still haven't forgiven DC for the terrible Future's End or the way I feel they screwed up Earth-2.
So, that's my say about the upcoming tsunami of titles. My wallet feels pretty good about leaving Convergence out of my viewing palette. As for the rest? we shall see.
See ya next Friday!

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