Friday, March 27, 2015

Fridays, Because...Why Not?

So... this cover;

I'm having a problem with this cover and I have heard zip about it on the magical interwebs. And it all has to do with Kitty Pryde.
See, I'm familiar with this storyline and I realize that the Kitty Pryde we see on this cover in an underage teenager.
Now take another look at the cover.
See, I get that she's covered head to toe with costume, but it doesn't matter. Her chest is jutting out in a provocative manner, hair tousled around her shoulders, eyes a little too large and lips extra plump and mouth open. Her legs are splayed apart and her hind end is sticking backwards.
It's subtle, but it just seems over sexualized for an underage teenager on a cover of a major MArvel release. If it had been Spider-Woman people would be up in arms.
But, for little Kitty Pryde...nothing?
Seems weird is all.
And to make matters worse Mystique, Storm and the mind reader woman from the bad guys all look like they stepped out of a Russ Meyer movie.
Just odd that this cover got no flak is all.
That's it for me this week seeya all next Friday.

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