Friday, March 18, 2011


I have a handful of web comics that I read on a regular basis. These people put them out there for free and hope that you love them so much that you will buy some of their merch to help them out. I have read all of these for a very long time and I have made a decision.
I will pick one of them to devote a small portion of my hard earned cash to.
And the nominees are:


I have stuck it out with multiple artists and bizarre storylines. The continuing adventures of the oversexed manchild Rayne make me laugh all the time.


Ah, Jamie and Hazel. Those crazy gals and their crazy adventures. Actually my favorite is McPedro the talking cactus. This one recently went to full color and while I'm a big fan of the classic black and white strip, color is good.


Life at a toystore with some of the weirdest employees on the planet. Ronald Regan used to work there. EVEN AFTER HE DIED! Also a sentient car, a ninja and, well you get the idea, right? 

Last in the group. The only black and white strip in the batch. Menage a 3 is like an Archie comic. A sex charged, deviant Archie comic with a sweet side that it doesn't want to admit to. It is also the only one in the group to have nudity. A lot of nudity.

So, there you go. The criteria was pretty simple. These people do their strips day in day out for our reading enjoyment. Least I Could Do is actually seven days a week now. Impressive. They also do these for a living. For the next four posts I will examine why each of these strips is such a good read and why I like them. Then after that I will be choosing who I will be throwing my cash to.

Stick around, this should be fun.

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