Thursday, March 3, 2011


Okay, kiddies, we have a ton of them so pay attention and let's see what is out there for us to groove on.

A cop by day and a  single mother of four by night, Detective Chief Inspector has her hands full. This is gritty, gory police drama with none of the punches pulled. The box set collects the entire series in one convenient package for  show that must be seen to be believed.

An hour long documentary about how these two men put on a production of Hamlet. You would have to be a huge Kenneth Branagh fan to sit through this. I, unfortunately, am not.

Robert Downey Jr. is excellent as always. Galifinakis seems out of place in this. It has some truly laugh out loud moments, but I really don;t need to see it again.

This time we are in colonial times with a young girl and the horse she loves. It's family fare and well worth the watch. An American Girl series puts a lot of effort into their releases and makes a good film.

William Garrow was a real British barrister in the 1700s. Not a good time to be convicted of anything because British justice just assumed you were guilty. Until Garrow came along. Infused with the British melodrama we all know and love, Garrow's Law is quality television.

Katherine Heigl is a waste of a one note actress. She plays the same part over and over again. If you need to watch her in something for whatever reason just watched Knocked Up again. This is another romantic comedy that is a waste of time. Oh, and it has a cute baby in it. Maybe that's the thing. Watch it if you like cute babies. Yeah, they should have more of that cute baby in there and less of Heigl. That would be a good thing. I will not be button the Amazon button after this one so you won't feel I am endorsing this in any way shape or form.

Another attempt at mining the genius of the original series. Only they failed. The romantic nonsense is dumb . I do like the continuing storyline, but not enough to recommend this to anyone. No button for this review either.

Wow! Check out that box. Hot and funny at the same time. Sort of a win-win kind of thing. This is one of those rare urban comedies that plays well to all audiences. The dialogue is funny, the women are smoking hot and it's a fun, little, date night kind of a flick.

Classic Tom and Jerry at budget prices. Get the kids away from those new cartoons and show them what cartoons are meant to be. Mayhem!

Finally, we have a documentary that everyone should be forced to watch. This is one that got it right by just talking to normal people like you and me to see what could cause people to change their way of thinking after decades of being one way. This is something that would be beneficial to show children in schools.

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