Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today we have three from ACORN MEDIA for the British TV fan.

First up is the two part, extremely hilarious, DIRTY TRICKS. This 2000 production starring Martin Clune of Men Behaving Badly fame has him as a poor English teacher who winds up in a better circle with a couple. Unfortunately, she is unhappy in their sexless marriage so an affair begins. Then, the husband is killed in an actual boating accident. No murder at all. Just bad luck and our teacher marries his affair. Yeah, then he becomes infatuated with another woman and his wife slips in the living room and dies. Again, not his fault but he decides to blame it on her lover who she has gotten pregnant from.
That's when it all goes South.
DIRTY TRICKS is a twisted black comedy that will leave you shaking your head and laughing out loud.

Next up is the 1993 psychological thriller THE GUILTY starring Michael Kitchen. Kitchen plays brilliant attorney Steven Vey. He's one o those guys who has it all and then decides to celebrate with his secretary. What he calls a drunken indiscretion she decides to go with another, shorter word. Rape.
This is quite a good suspense thriller with some crazy twists and turns before reaching it's finale.THE GUILTY is great.  

Finally we have the 2001 second and final series of the fascinating ENEMY AT THE DOOR. Concerning the German occupation of the Channel Islands during World War 2. With the tension between the German troops and the native islanders reaching a head, the commandant, Major Richter has the two fold problem of the recent imprisonment of Dr. Philip MArtel and the local SS officer who is more interested in scoring points with the leaders in Berlin than keeping order on the islands.
ENEMY AT THE DOOR takes a small slice of World War 2 history and lays it before us in immaculate style.

There you have it for this week. Three new releases from Acorn Media with the promise of much more great British television to come in the future.

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