Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DVD Round Up

Look at the cast on this beast! Who thought this was a good idea? I would so NOT be the director for something like this, can you imagine the logistics and chaos of such a cast? No way. Oh and the movie is a little overdone and sappy.

Ah 80's cartoons. Nothing quite like the taste of Chuck Norris and Mr. T in animated form. These are some of the best and possibly the worst cartoons ever made. It's kind of a personal preference kind of thing.

The third in the series of men in prison beating the crap out of each other. Ever since Penitentiary people have always been clamoring for more of this stuff. Who can blame them? Fighting is cool.

Peanuts, no matter what, are always cool. These box sets are indispensable. Stop reading this claptrap and go buy them. NOW! Don't you dare read that Invictus review! Get out of here!

Well, the previous review should have scared everyone off so I don't have to write anything do I? Oh, one thing. I wish that Clint Eastwood would do another cowboy movie before he dies. We know he's smart and he doesn't have to prove it with his movies. That's all I'm saying.

Mel Gibson back in the crazy saddle? I'm sold!

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