Friday, June 4, 2010

Man, I think this is gonna suck.

I am a number one Captain America fan. I have seen all the Captain America movies. Even the crappy one where he was a surfer and had a clear plastic shield. Now, movies have come a long way and the new Captain America movie had me excited. Then I saw the picture above. First, I guess I didn't remember that The Human Torch was playing Cap. Yeah, that's gonna suck. And this suit?!? I wasn't aware that we were cherry picking whatever we wanted from The Ultimates line of Marvel Comics. Which all suck by the way. If you're such a bad writer that you can't work within the confines of The Marvel Universe so you invent a place where you can do whatever you want then I don't know go work for DC or something.
Needless to say I am no longer all that excited about seeing this flick.
I'll watch Jonah Hex instead.

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