Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Where’s Spot?
And other stories.
Based on the best-selling Books by Eric Hill
9 Full-length episodes at 30 minutes each
DVD Extras: Three Bonus Episodes, Spot’s Shapes and Colors Game, and Eric Hill reads as well.

Once again BBC has issued an amazing set of children’s stories from television programs based on books. And this time around, it’s all about 30 years of Eric Hill’s Spot stories that focus on a curious and lovable puppy and all the antics and mischief he gets into.
“Spot has disappeared! Can you help Sally find him? Is he behind the door? Is he inside the clock? Is he under the stairs? Kids will love searching for Spot in this adorable children’s classic. Plus, in this DVD, you’ll also have fun with Spot at the playground, at the park, in the bath, and more! There are six episodes in all together, each with its own special song, plus three bonus episodes and more! Spot has never been so delightful!”
Sit with your kids and enjoy the titles: Where’s Spot?, Spot’s Lost Bone, Spot at the Playground, Spot goes to the Park, Spot Finds a Key, and Spot Goes Splash! I guarantee your little ones will be absolutely enthralled with these popular and well known stories much as my little 4-year old was. She sat absolutely transfixed as the wonderful colors and stories played out. Highly recommended.

-- Stew Miller

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