Monday, August 17, 2009

POE from BOOM!

Growing up you either read Edgar Allen Poe or you don't. Of the people who read it, you either like it...or you don't. My favorite Poe story is The Cask of Amontillado. I have read all of his stuff and always enjoy it. Now, we have a comic that gives us a little insight into what makes Poe, Poe.
Bereaved over the death of his wife, Edgar has been put in a sanitarium. He doesn't like it there and continually escapes and annoys the other patients so he is asked to leave. His brother is a policeman investigating a string of murders and Edgar offers to help with matters of deduction.
It doesn't take long before there are references to Masque OF The Red Death, The Raven, Fall Of The House Of Usher and this is only by the second issue. Author J. Baron Mitchell knows his Poe and shows that we will be in good hands for this adventure. The artistic stylings of Dean Kotz fit the tone of the story well and give it that Victorian look with modern sensibilities.
Over all POE is an excellent comic for the POE fans in the world and may help to introduce many more to the author's writings.
Well done.

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