Monday, August 10, 2009


The title says it all. This is the origin of The Green Lantern. The Hal Jordan Green Lantern to be precise. And of course, we get the whole how Sinestro becomes a gigantic ass. No, no, it's okay to swear in this post because the flick is rated PG-13 and it has a few low level cuss words in it. It also has some wholesale slaughter and one horrifying scene where it implies that hundreds of lanterns meet their maker. Kind of gruesome.
That being said, this is actually my second favorite of the direct to DVD releases. Wonder Woman being the first. It has some funny, some drama and a whole lot of room to give us more of this character. Sure, there's a live action flick on the horizon, but I prefer this.
Another magnificent release form the people over at Warner Bros.
Next up is supposed to be Superman/Batman; Public Enemies. This might be pretty cool.
Anyway, here's a clip;

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