Monday, March 24, 2008


Let it be said up front that I am probably the worst person to review this DVD. Being of the old school of animation nothing, in my opinion could compare with the original MGM cartoons of Tom and Jerry.
While this volume of the new WB series does nothing to change this opinion, I am happy to report that as a new set of cartoons, they did quite a lot of it right. Sure, the big black woman who is always chasing Tom around the house is white now, but that isn't so bad. Neither of the two main characters speak as they shouldn't. The cartoon violence is reminiscent of the good old days which is nice to see in these politically correct times. The two main characters look like they always have which is nice.
Of the set my two favorite would have to be Adventures in Penguinsitting, because, well this IS Penguin Comics. The other one, The Cat Whisperer, is a dead on spoof of The Dog Whisperer. I'm pretty sure that Cesar Milan would be honored to be in the company of Tom and Jerry.
While it could never match the original set as I mentioned before, this is something that the creators should definitely be proud of. It's obvious that they have a deep affection for the originals and it shows in this new series. The kiddies will certainly like it and it just might steer them into watching the set of cartoons that started it all. This is how all re imaginings of classic cartoons should be.

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