Saturday, March 8, 2008


You all remember this one. When you weren't watching Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer or any of a number of the Rankin/Bass puppet cartoons that littered the airwaves for just about any holiday.
With this one Sunny the Bunny and the kids of Kidsville come together to make jelly beans and all sorts of Easter treats. Now, Sunny has to take all these treats to the nearby Town where no kids are allowed.
Narrated by Fred Astaire, this is a little derivative of the plots of other Rankin/Bass productions, but is so sugary sweet that the kids will lap it up. It's true one two punch comes in the nostalgia it invokes in us old timers who remember when this was on once a year and if you missed it you had to wait.
The disc gives three other family shorts in Breakfast of Magicians, Floating Through Daydream Garden and The Easter Express.
Warner Brothers is generous with the bonus material on this DVD that is sure to be a household favorite for many years to come. Made when television didn't pander to kids and true entertainment was still something to look forward to on broadcast television

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