Monday, February 25, 2008


The concept is pretty funny. Take classic comics of all types and completely rewrite all the dialogue and exposition to create a new comic with tongue firmly lodged in cheek. We get war stories, space stories, western stories, heck, there's even a Bigfoot story. The Bigfoot story actually reminded me of a similar story done by Robert Crumb.
Some of the stuff is laugh out loud funny. The cover to one of the issues has a guy explaining these big foot tracks to his friend who has a look of fear on his face and he pauses to say, 'It's right there isn't it?' No idea why this tickles my funny bone so damned much, but I laughed just now while typing it.
I think they rely on the gay card a little too much in some of the stories. It's like they couldn't come up with something witty so they just went with everyone being gay.
Also, give credit where credit is due. Tell us who wrote the original stories and give credit to the artists. I like to think that the group that is doing this would get pretty ticked if they weren't given credit for some of their artwork. Give props where they deserve to be given, folks.
so, What Were They Thinking? Probably not much, but as long as I have that Bigfoot cover I will be laughing for a while.
Brought to us by the lovely folks over at BOOM!Studios who I must say have been putting out some seriously good books lately. Go check out their website for more info.

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