Sunday, February 24, 2008


Got a mini pile of things to review from Virgin a couple of days ago and thought I would run them down for you peoples.
First up we have Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter. I have to hand it to Jameson. She knows where her bread is buttered and is so diversified that her empire will run long after she is gone. She may be one of the most famous modern porn stars on the planet and you know what? Good for her. At least she's not one of those skanky porn queens that get scarier by the minute.
But how's the comic?
Pretty good. The idea that she hunts these shadow thingies that are part of a parallel universe seems cool. The artwork is pretty good as well. Will I buy it? No, but I can think of a lot of fans of things like Witchblade that are going to make this comic pretty popular.

The Stranded is next on the list and, well I'm not impressed. It's got people with superhero powers, but not all of them know they have them and there's some huge conspiracy thing going on. Sounds trite and contrived? Yeah, that's because it is. The artwork is reminiscent of all that horrid, over muscled artwork that Marvel foisted on us in the nineties. This one is definitely on the miss list.

Dan Dare is last on the list and this time I saved the best for last. The British master of space is back and Virgin has him. Dan is retired now, but it doesn't take long before an alien threat is going to destroy us all. Who is gonna save us? Dan Dare, that's who. Virgin has managed to keep the feel of the original Dan Dare and update him for a new generation while keeping him true to the roots that we all remember and love. Of the three books I received this week, Dan Dare is the outstanding entry in the field.

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