Tuesday, November 6, 2007


90 Minutes
Directed by Timothy O'Rawe
DVD Provided by Camp Motion Pictures www.campmotionpictures.com

Bless Camp Motion Pictures. They have managed to stir up all that crap from the 80's that I truly adored. From things like VIDEO VIOLENCE to SPLATTER FARM. Now we get what may be the biggest package of stuff from Camp Motion Pictures with the release of GHOUL SCHOOL:Super Bloody Splatter University Edition.
Sure, the basic premise is paper thin. Two loser crooks let toxic waste loose in a school and if it gets you you turn into the walking dead, hungry for flesh. There are lots of over the top gore effects and the whole thing is played more for laughs than scares, but it works for what it is. Camp Motion Pictures lays on the extras with the following;
Ghoul School feature film
Original Fundraising Promo
Making of Ghoul School
DVD cover photo shoot
Three, count 'em three commentaries
Say No To Drugs (1987 student gore film)
Halloween Tale (1987 fundraising film)
Halloween Tale bloopers
Halloween Takeover (1989 local cable TV show)
Dead Weight (1990 unreleased featurette)
That is a lot of product for such a goofy flick. Definitely worth getting your hands on.

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