Saturday, November 3, 2007


Thanks to the good folks at Showtime we have wonderful prizes to give away for our DEXTER contest. The response was quite nice and here are the three winners;

First up is Corrie Petersen of Kalamazoo, Michigan who writes;

My personal favorite serial killer is The Zodiac Killer. He was one of the best to plan out his kills and keep the cops guessing. I especially enjoyed the taunts and encrypted letters he sent to the newspapers and the fact that his kills were laid out mathematically. To me this makes him a genius. He wasn't a slave to his killing methods and didn't follow ritualistic patterns that could make him easier to find. Also, the fact that he was never caught, even though he provided clues for the cops to figure out, makes him one of the best.

Corrie wins a box set of Dexter Season 1 along with the soundtrack from the series and a I Love Dexter button. Good job Corrie.

Second prize goes to Michael Legge of Mendon, Massachusetts who gives us this account;

My favorite serial killer is Dennis Rader, The BTK. He's my favorite because he is the exact opposite of what the glamorization of serial killers has done to the American psyche. He was an insignificant, sniveling little coward who preyed on women for the power it gave him. He was an unattractive slug who was a religious hypocrite, depending on his seemingly harmless exterior to take the lives of innocent people just for his own sick gratification. Other than a pedophile, there is nothing lower than a serial killer, and Rader is a prime example of how low humanity can sink.

Creepy stuff there, Michael. Michael gets a Season One Box set of Dexter from the good folks at Showtime.

Our final entry is the oddest one. We received an odd email from someone calling himself AlexanderGeorge. He gets a free I Love Dexter button for his simplistic entry of;


Thanks AlexanderGeorge for the succinct response.

There ya go folks. Another great contest from the folks at Penguin Comics in conjunction with Showtime. Keep an eye out for our next contest sometime in November.

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