Thursday, November 8, 2007


Introduction Note: I recently received BLACK EMMANUELLE'S BOX Vol. 2 from the fine folks at Severin Films Three gritty, grimy Emmanuelle flicks along with a soundtrack CD. To give them the coverage that they deserve I will be covering them individually instead as a cohesive whole. Enjoy!

Laura Gemser is at it again in this classic piece of Eurotrash. She's hot on the trail of a big story and is in Kenya to get the goods. Being Emmanuelle it isn't long before she's groping her friend in the shower before winging her way back to New York for some more fun with her photographer friend. Of course, the only way to get the real story of the White Slave Trade is to go undercover at a brothel in San Diego so she's off to the west coast to get her funk on. She barely escapes being lobotomized when the brothel finds out who she really is and then she's off on another adventure..right after she gang bangs a group of fishermen who give her a ride in their boat.
Emmanuelle movies are about one thing. Sex. Director Joe D'Amato knows this and puts in as many softcore clutches as he can fit in the running time. Laura Gemser is still the lean, dark skinned beauty we have come to know and lust after.
Sure, there are some inconsistencies like that lighter/camera she uses. No way that thing would work in real life. Especially when she is taking pictures of the slave auction and the lens isn't even pointing at the girls.
My favorite scene would have to be the big fight between a burly transvestite and a horde of hoodlums in a bowling alley. The tranny hands them their respective asses for a minute before getting whacked with a bowling pin.
This is probably the best of the three in the box set for two reasons;
One, it's the one with the CD in it with the groovy soundtrack.
Two, the interview with Joe D'Amato is wonderful. It's just a bunch of guys sitting around shooting the shit over beers with Joe and asking him questions in an informal setting. Great stuff and probably the highlight of the entire box set.

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