Monday, August 27, 2007


This actually has nothing to do with the fairy tale. What we get instead is a mother who is a plastic surgeon and her beautiful daughter. The daughter's friends are jealous of her perfect looks so they start to get procedures done. Unfortunately, they become suicidal, delusional and die horribly after getting work done. Is it something that the mother has done? And why is her ex husband referring to their daughter as not being their daughter? What horrible secret has the mother hidden from everyone?
This film is painful to watch. It shows a loving mother and the depths she is willing to sink to save her daughter's looks no matter what the price. This is a brutal film full of disturbing imagery and some pretty effective gore sequences as well. If surgery makes you queasy you might want to think twice before watching this film. It does tie in, in a very obtuse way, with the fairy tale we are used to but with such a demented slant to it.
Once you figure out exactly what the mother has done you will be horrified at the lengths she has gone to.
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-- Douglas A. Waltz

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