Sunday, June 11, 2017


So, another tiny week. I bought a new book that shall not be mentioned here (GWAR) that I thought would be good. It wasn't. Remember Fanfare is the place if you live in Kalamazoo or surrounding areas to get all your comics.
This was kind of a thin week.
Here we go.


This felt like a fill in issue. Also, it came out pretty fast. The artwork is cool, but it feels off from the last two issues. If you love Gamora there is some cool stuff in here. The idea that the Soul Gem never really lets you go is super creepy.


This is such a great book! Black Bolt is figuring out his new environment and his capacity to speak without destroying. He is sent to the arena to fight and shows them all why he is the king. I just know they're going to cancel this book on me. Come on people! Buy this damned book already! We need the numbers to get this up there so I can have it for a long time.


The battle continues and after an honorable battle with The Rabbit, two others decide to attack at once. Yeah, this is Iron Fist remember? It ain't your comic book. This continues to read like a crazy Kung Fu flick and I love it. Not a fan of the cover though.


Apparently, next issue we go monthly and get a price hike. Yeah, I don;t care. This is one of the best Rebirth comics out there. The people of Atlantis are done with the surface world and with Aquaman being their king, but he's ready to fight to keep his throne. Even if Mera doesn't want to be there anymore and is ready to start a new life with him. The ending is a bit of a shocker, but I'm sure he'll be fine. Right?


The Arrow Team are fighting the Horsemen while Oliver takes out there leader. He also realizes that to save the city he defends he needs to surrender to the law to make it all right. This book is my other favorite from the Rebirth and the artwork is just gorgeous. It looks like a painting. Also, I now know what happens if Black Canary screams point blank into the face of a giant. It is not pretty, but it made me laugh.



We say goodbye to the girls whose songs are better with this issue. They have reformed and have a new label to get their music out there and, in the process, have become a better group of friends as well. This is done, JEM is almost finished. There is mention of a crossover mini series this summer, but I heard something about it having a sci fi bent to it and I'm not sure how I feel about this. Last year I had four books that were of fictional girl bands. Soon, it will just be Josie and the Pussycats. Figures that the ones that did it the best and the longest would still be here when the smoke clears. Good bye Misfits.

Okay, six books for the week. Kind of small when you figure it's usually in the 13-14 range. But, there are a lot of books that are just done and nothing has replaced them as of yet. I will be buying an Image book in the near future.

Here's why;

You know you want it. See you next week.

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