Thursday, June 1, 2017


SO, yeah...missed a week. Oh well, that makes for a double column this week, right? And to make sure it goes well, there were only six books this week. That might be a record low. One of the guys at Fanfare mentioned that it was because there are five Wednesday in May. I had no idea.
Anyway, here are the reviews and stayed tuned at the bottom for the book of the week...times two!

P.S. Some of these might be brief. There are a lot of them.


Yeah, Girl-Moon, daughter of Ego, The Living Planet has arrived! It seems to me that this has been promised for a while. Add Devil Dinosaur in space with his own cool space suit and this is a winner. Also, Doom Bot must stay in the book forever now.


A double dose of Devil Dinosaur? Yes, please. Throw in the monster version of Howling Commandos complete with Man-Thing and we have a great issue...again. And Daisy's dad shows up and he's a pain in the, well, you know.


Jaimie Reyes in the old school Beetle suit for the win. Add in the craziness of OMAC and the return of Dr. Fate and this is one of those DC books that works in its own little corner of the universe and Giffen lets his freak flag fly. So good.


THE TRUTH conclusion. We get it all wrapped up and it all makes perfect sense. This is the greatest Wonder Woman story ever.  It's a little sad, but it works really well.


Does anyone except for me remember Terrorsmith? Or the Bloodlines Annuals that DC put out forever ago? Well, I do and seeing one of those monsters and it's spawn back in DC made me smile. This is a pretty deep cut for a new book and I always rejoice when they neverv forget their long, layered history. If this is the plan for this book then I look forward to every issue.


Sure, this is one of Martha's books, but I read it too. I thought it was an interesting way to separate Groot from the rest of the team and put him in a really bizarre situation. It's mostly a set up issue and that is okay. It will be interesting to see how it develops.


The gang is charged with breaking into the vaults of The Collector and retrieving a priceless artifact for The Grandmaster. Yeah, good luck with that. It's a heist of epic proportions and if it can go wrong, you know it will. Also, who is growing a forest of Groot. A nice book that keeps the logistics of the film team and gives us more.


I had no idea the book was bi monthly? Hurray! I don;t have to wait. Our new team is being attacked by The Purifiers and they are armed to the teeth. Also the new school is located in Central Park so there are civilians to protect while the mutants try not to get fried in the process. Jubilee explains that they are there to learn to fit in. Not with the X-Men, but just the world at large. The whole concept is to be acceptable to the human race. Might work, probably won't.


This was going to be my last issue of this book. It just seemed like a slow burn that would never ignite.
Then it did.
Jennifer is a new beast that can take care of itself and she's pretty happy with the outcome. Now my curiosity is piqued so, I will be around for a while. Good job comic book. You win the money.


The girls are playing a awards show, but in their heart of hearts they want to go to a local band show and play in a field with a bunch of passionate musicians. They decide what is right and leave after they play their song and before they win an award. A good book.


The Captain Jack mystery of his missing memories continues and whne he starts piecing things together with the help of Rose and The Doctor he may not like what he finds. This would be such a great show. I wish they could do a missing years style of show with Eccelston back as The Doctor. Oh well, we still have the comic.


It's Barry's birthday and Hal Jordan shows up for the party just as Multiplex attacks because he is in love with Iris. Such a classic plot for this book and it is so much fun to read. They just need to stop killing Eobard Thawne. You know that's never going to stick, right?



This book has always been weird. Now Ironheart comes to tell Doom to stop being Iron Man and you know he's not going to listen to that. The evil Reed Richards tries to convince Ben Grimm he is the real deal and that Ben needs to kill Doom. Oh, yeah, Doom manages to be swept away to somewhere that Tony Stark looks like Dr. Strange.
It consistently delivers a great story of a rocky road to redemption and along the way we might even get the Fantastic Four back in the pages of a Marvel comic book and that would be such a wonderful thing.


Before I started back in the DC Universe there was a book called Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman. They were one and dones and they were magnificent and I have them all. I was sad when they cancelled the book, but then Rebirth happened and I was back on the Wonder Woman bandwagon.
This annual gives us four stories that show us the most important part of Wonder Woman. She is there to save us all. Not fight, but she will if she needs to. She is there to make sure that we are safe. The story with the kaiju is sweet and the one with King Shark will bring a tear to your eye. This is all that is great in Wonder Woman in a neat little package. The best annual I have read all year.

There ya go folks. Sorry for missing a week, but you do get an extra long column this way. I expect that next week will also be a beast of a week, but that's just because so many extraordinary books are coming out.

Seeya then and be sure to go to a comic book shop and get something to read. There is so much to choose from.

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