Thursday, March 23, 2017


Another weekly column! Woooo! Kind of a light week for us here at The Waltz Compound. Also, I am not reviewing the new HULK book unless things change in Issue 5. JUst not my cup of tea I'm afraid. With that being said, let's get to the book!


The penultimate issue is here and everyone teams up to fight the Omnikron for the last time. Will they be able to save Earth from this monstrosity or is it too powerful? You'll have to read it for yourself. I can't believe it's been almost a year since this book came out. I will miss it when it's gone. If you haven't read it go pick up the trades. If you even know the name Herculoids or Jonny Quest or Space Ghost then they wrote this love letter to you and it shows.


Second part of the Flash and Kid Flash down under with Captain Boomerang. I like how Kid Flash's vibrating powers work differently and to a great effect in this book. We are getting set up with a crossover for the next two issues and it looks like it will blow our mind like the original Rebirth book did. I wish there was more of old school Wally West in the book. That would be cool.


Dr. Fate fights for Jamie Reyes' life against the monster that wants the scarab. The reveal is pretty cool. I know him a little, but not as much as others might. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here and J.M. DeMatteis starts next issue! I am so excited. His Dr. Fate books was one of the best out there and really needs to be collected into a volume of it's own. You hear me, DC? Yeah! I'm talking to you.


She's done with the insane asylum and the big bull fellas name is Ferdinand. I should have guessed that. Anyway, the Godwatch has had enough of Wonder Woman and they do the unthinkable. Not to give too much of this away, but I realize she does the whole bullets and bracelets thing, but I always assumed Wonder Woman is bulletproof. Can't she take a pretty good hit? Guess we will see next issue.


Guy is recovering from his fight and we learned why he did it alone and with no ring. He needed to show the Yellow Lanterns who the boss was. A little fear for the fear guys. And Kyle  is a Green Lantern again?  UM, okay, that's cool. He was a great Green Lantern.


If anything is going to kill this book it will be the time between books. It sure doesn't feel monthly and Gerard Way may have bit off more than he can chew. That being said, the one thing that will save this book is that it's good enough that no one will care about the delay. The team is back! Sort of. It reminded me of old school Doom PAtrol mixed with a little of Morrison's run. The melding of the things we love about Doom Patrol. And Negative Man is back! And rocking some sweet threads. This is a fun book.


The Misfits are getting their sound back as the reality show continues. But Blaze has what she thinks is an awful secret. Until she tells anyone and everyone she meets says that is awesome. Her other band is coming together and she can be the lead singer like she always wanted. Being on a popular reality show won't hurt the PR for the new group. This is such a great book with that whole vibe that made Jem and the Holograms such a great book.I remember them saying that this was a mini series. I hope it continues beyond that.


Luna gets assistance from The X-Men to find a Cerebro that Forge made so she can track down the Doctor Doom that has been bothering her lately. Forge is astonished that she can make Cerebro find anyone, mutant or not and a little side trip to the 80s happens as they fight a shopping mall of Dooms. I love that Luna has embraced that she is the smartest person in existence and a Devil Dinosaur/Wolverine Fastball Special makes the book. It felt like they were going to cancel this book in the next issue. They don't say it, but Marvel never says it.  I hope not.


This is the gritty, Iron Fist has lost his way tale. I realize that it's just a set up first issue, but it shows that Danny is trying to cope with the fact that with K'un Lun destroyed that he may not be Iron Fist anymore. And if he's not Iron Fist then who is he? It reads like a kung fu movie which is all Iron Fist was ever supposed to be. A good start to what can be a great book.



With the Inhumans VS X-Men over and Earth safe for mutants again, it is time for our team to leave Limbo behind. Yeah, they are starting those new X Books next month so there is no room for what was my favorite X-Book. They are all going home. And what is the perfect capper to a great run of comics? That's right, baseball game. Kind of choked me up a little. Jeff Lemire and Victor Ibanez give us the perfect cap to this book. It's a shame nothing is coming along to replace it.

See, you sniffled a little seeing this, didn't you?

So, another successful weekly column in the bag. It helped getting out of work early yesterday and having today off. A great bunch of books. Remember, go visit your comic shop and find something to read. The 50 cent bin alone is filled with so many magnificent things.

Seeya next week!

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