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Yeah! Back on track! These are the books we got yesterday. I have always had the problem of plowing right through the new books pretty much the day I get them. Some of them get reread the same week, some go in their respective places and are reread from time to time. This is a pretty good batch of books.
I have one complaint, so we're gonna do that one first.

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This is the end of the series. They are gearing up for the regular series that will follow the adventures of Kid Kaiju. This whole thing seemed rushed. Last issue they were screwed, but now that Kid Kaiju uses his own original monsters he can save the day? Meh. And the new monsters seemed lackluster at best. I would have rather had a team with OOM and FIN FANG FOOM. Know what I mean? I really doubt that I will be getting the continuing series. Good part. Plenty of cool monster art. I really liked that. The variant cover we got (pictured above) was pretty cool as well. We even bought some of the Monsters Unleashed comic book boxes. Now, can I have action figures? I'd really like if this ended up as action figures.


The finale between Deadpool and Rogue and Deadpool has a pretty neat trick up his sleeve that I won't spoil here. Suffice to say it made me smile when he did it. This is the best Avenger book out there. Go read all of them. And I mean Volume 2. Don;t read Volume 1. Nuff said!


The start of the H2.0 storyline begins here and Aquaman has to go to an island with the Aquamarines who tried to kill him during the war. He's facing off against an old foe, Dead Water, who can teleport from place to place with the smallest bit of water. In the new Rebirth Universe, this is one of the most consistent books out there. I love that Aquaman is one of my favorite books.


Fresh from the Boom! Box imprint comes the story of a set of triplets who are also a punk rock band. And, just to make it interesting, one of them is a ghost. I remember punk rock and it's nice to see a new comic that recognizes its influences and becomes an interesting thing of it's own. I remember when Boom! put out Jonesy and Giant Days and they were supposed to be limited series. Now they are not and I hope this one follows in their footsteps. Great story awesome art and a punk rock vibe that makes this one of the best all girl band comic books out there. (Currently, there are three.)


Yes, Roy Harper is back. Yes, Ollie calls him Speedy and gets punched for it. We see the life and times of Roy Harper, warts, drugs and all and now we are brought to the present where he has found something to fight for and Ollie and Black Canary are along for the ride. We also get a new, trippy version of Count Vertigo. It's in flashback so, you know he'll be showing his face soon. Such a great book.


We went and saw the new Kong movie. It was spectacular! This book lends itself to telling us so much about the giant ape we meet in the movie. Now, the queen of Kong Island has to deal with people who believe that what she does is wrong. They don;t think they need Kong to protect them. They are wrong and they are about to attempt a misstep that will probably result in the deaths of a lot of their tribe. But, we have to wait until next issue.


The monster is revealed and unleashed and Carson, his daughter and Wild Dog have to save the day. Sure, they need to take some psychotropic drugs to get the job done, but that's perfectly normal, right? This book is very trippy. Now with the first arc completed I might have to go back and ready them all in one sitting. I still don;t get what is going on in the back up feature. I look at it, but I've stopped trying to read it.


THEY ARE CANCELLING THIS BOOK! This is so very sad. I have not missed an issue. There was an issue where I truly despised the art and I still bought it. This was such a great book and now we might get one more issue. Patsy does learn how to rid herself of the reality altering illness she has that is triggered whenever she sneezes and we learn a little bit more about her true nature in the process. I am so sad they are cancelling this book.


Bertha is still fighting the madman who has taken her size powers and increased them tenfold. Overdosing on the drug he has become berserk monster attacking the city. Doorman is doing his new job being a grim reaper, only he's not very good at it. Good Boy realizes she can't run from her problems and runs back to the team as the giant mad scientist begins his attack. This book is silly, serious, fun and the art work is so good. The cover is hilarious as well. I hope we get these guys around for a very long time.


She is back in the Rebirth universe. I will admit that while I know who Batwoman is, I never read her previous book. Heard good thing, never read it. This is a good issue. We get a decent fight along with a hint at her past. Then it throws us in the deep end and tells us to swim.
I'm fine with that.


I thought instead of reviewing the Book of the Month twice I would just do it once.

Here you go.

U.S.Avengers # 4

Give me a comic book with Squirrel Girl and I will buy it. This particular issue does not have her in it, but we do get Deadpool and Red Hulk versus American Kaiju. I think American Kaiju is hilarious. Plus it is divided into four different comic books with four different covers within the issue that does a chapter of the story. It felt like the spirit of Steve Gerber was there and it made me smile this is one of the new books that Marvel is doing right by. A truly great issue and our Book of the Week.

A pretty good week. That one complaint doesn't really ruin things. I wish I could have found a better picture of that cover. The variant with the cool Fin Fang Foom cover is pretty cool. Has a sweet underground vibe to it.

See you next week.

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