Sunday, August 11, 2013


There are a lot of Godzilla comic books out there. To state that IDW is responsible for some of the best, is stating the obvious. Saying that, I have never bought a Godzilla comic book. Well, unless you count the series that Marvel did decades ago.
Now, I have decided to jump in with both feet in this new series, Godzilla, Rulers Of The Earth.
Man, I’m glad I did.
I knew it was a good idea when I saw a preview of the artwork that Matt Frank did for issue one. That and the Gigan cover hooked me from the start.
The basic premise is that there is a team of Kaiju specialists in Hawaii when what appears to be Godzilla attacks the island. We are also given a primer in giant monsters and a sub plot with what appears to be aliens. The big reveal at the end is that it is not Godzilla, but Zilla.
I know, what is a Zilla?
It’s the Godzilla from that Matthew Broderick movie. You know the giant iguana? Yeah, it’s him, or her. Whatever.
Anyway, the real Godzilla shows up at the end and looks none too happy about this usurper to the throne.
That was issue one and it is such a great setup for the series. We get a few hints at sub plots; get introductions to the human aspect of the story. We get Gigan fighting a huge spider and the beginnings of that fight we all wanted to see.
Zilla VS Godzilla.
This might be the perfect Kaiju comic.

To make sure we know that Issue Two starts right at the fight. And it is spectacular!
All Kaiju movies have those epic battle sequences. The reason that we sit through the character development. And this is done in a way that makes it feel so cinematic. We get a little character development, but not so much that it interferes with the Zilla/Godzilla throwdown.
Part of me wonders if I might want to go back and revisit older incarnations of Godzilla comic books, but this one has set the bar so high I think I might be disappointed.
I think I’ll just stick with…

By the one, one thing I would change; monthly instead of bi monthly, but that might just be me being greedy.

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