Sunday, July 24, 2011

Justice Society of America #52

Justice Society has always been my favorite super team. The characters are cooler and operate as such heavy hitters that their adventures are always amazing. They manage to manipulate their writers in such a way that I think they have little control over what comes out on the page.
The most fascinating event in the recent storyline is that the new incarnation of Mr. Terrific is losing his intelligence. Something has been done to him and he is at the end of the trail in discovering who.
This is where it gets bizarre.
He tracks down a man who thinks that he is the biggest fan of Mr. Terrific. The original one. He has taken steps to remove the new Mr. Terrific's intelligence. Then he destroyed all shred of evidence that showed how he did it.
Then he hung himself.
There is no way to find out how it was done. Mr.Terrific is screwed.
But, Mr. Terrific is more than that. He realizes that he has to relearn all he has lost. The final scene of him watching a video that teaches small children how to read shows that he is a true hero, ready to tackle any problem head on.
This is epic storytelling at its best and shows that Justice Society is truly one of the great comics being produced today.
Here's hoping that DC doesn't screw it up with their new 52 idiotic idea.

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