Thursday, July 7, 2011

Comic Book Round Up

Yes, sigh, I am buying comic books again. I figure with the release of the Captain America movie there will be some great and not so great stuff coming down the pike. Add in DC's Flashpoint and their soon to be realized reboot (again) and there is some stuff I will need to read.

XOMBI 1,2,3

This was one of my favorite comic books in its first incarnation. I bought them all and thought they were great. The new incarnation is just a good. The artwork by Frazer Irving is fantastic and it feels like Xombi never left. Of course since DC is doing it's reboot in September I get six issues and then it's gone again. CRAP! Maybe he'll end up as a supporting character in one of the new books. Wishful thinking.


It's the return of Frankenstein and the rest of the good old Creature Commandos. The storyline starts in WW2, but is in modern time by the end of the first issue and things will never be the same. While this is only a three issue limited for the Flashpoint event, we do get Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. in the reboot. Frankenstein is always cool.


When I first heard the concept of  First Wave, it appealed to me. I like Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Spirit, Batman and The Avenger. This could be really cool. Yeah, then I didn't buy any of them. But this one had The Avenger in it. I thought they made him a little dark and took away his supporting cast from the original pulps, but he was still pretty cool. I imagine this whole line will be cancelled as well.


I am a huge Captain America fan and this means that The Red Skull gets dragged along for the ride. But this isn't your daddy's Red Skull. Sure, it's his origin, but this takes us waaaay back to his horrid beginnings and show us what transformed him into the red skulled monster we all know and love. This is only issue 1 and the whole thing is just so damned dark in tone. This is gonna be a bumpy ride folks.

So, there you have it. Four different titles all with a finite lifespan. Well, I guess Frankenstein will continue in his new title, but we'll have to see if it is as much fun as the three issue mini series has started out to be.

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