Thursday, November 11, 2010

DVD Round Up

 Time to get through a pile of DVDs that have collected here at Penguin Comics Central. Pay attention there are lots of goodies in here.

Really?? Corey Feldman needs to fins something else to do. He should be playing people's fathers by now.

I like this Doctor. Sure, he reminds me a little of Gordon Ramsey, but I look past that at a really great storyline. Oh and about that. It doesn't always need to be an epic storyline. They could just do little stories of The Doctor like in the old days. It doesn't all have to tie into something. And Miss Amy Pond is smoking hot. Probably the hottest of the bunch, but I still like Martha Jones more.

This just seemed dark. And by dark I mean poorly lit. And don't hookers get naked. I'm pretty sure they do. Megan Fox will go down in history as the most clothed prostitute in all of film history. Bleh!

Yeah, I watched the original back in the day when there wasn't a lot of choices in TV land. It rocked. This seemed, well forced at best.

The BBC version always seems more concerned with staying true to the text and not as flashy as the Disney productions. My question is why doesn't anyone ever adapt The Magician's Nephew? That's my favorite book of the bunch.

I thought I should end this column on a high note. Classic Scooby with my favorite episode of the haunted airport with the creepy skull guy in the spacesuit. This is the one that creeped me out as a little kid and it still carries some emotional weight to this day.

Well, there ya go. If one of these reviews has tempted you to buy something then by all means use the handy dandy buttons I supplied at the end of each little review.
Have an excellent day!

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