Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here are some recent releases that need to be brought up to speed. First post of the new year. My apologies for not posting sooner. With school starting in a few short days, things have been topsy turvy at The Waltz Compound.
First up we have;

I could complain that this is the shortest movie with the longest book behind it, but I won't. After all, I haven't read the books. I could complain that the subtitle of the film feels like a throwaway at the end when Snape turns around and announces that he is the half blood prince. Seemed like they forget it until the end of the film. I could complain, but I won't.
The film was brief, nonsensical and probably only made sense to true Potterheads. In other words this movie sucked.
Nuff said.


Season 12? Really? Do people even watch this show anymore? I took a look and saw nothing that would make the casual viewer or the die hard fan even remotely enjoy this season. The sad thing is that this is only season 12. There are three more after this one before they put this old horse to bed for good.


Okay, I can understand making a new My Bloody Valentine in 3D. It took an old favorite slasher flick and brought it into the new century with some wicked 3D effects and stayed true to the storyline without changing to much, but it held its own.
But, Final Destination in 3D. Hell, even the regular ones weren't all that good. Why bother with something like this? For a 3D movie all the characters seemed pretty flat to me. Ouch! With a pun like that it's time to bring an end to this review and, hopefully, this dull as dirt franchise.

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