Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review Round Up!

Welcome back my friends to another installment of Review Round Up. It's where I take a look at a stack of stuff that is hitting the DVD shelves near you. This one is a little TV-centric, but that's okay. Everyone loves them some TV!!


One of the best shows on television about cars for people that really don't like television shows about cars. From the BBC comes two more seasons of the highly addictive TOP GEAR. In these two seasons we run the gamut from building crappy police cars to the boys taking on the German version of Top Gear. Season 12 actually brings our guys to the United States to test out some muscle cars on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Top Gear is just straight out fun.


The Charlie Brown series of Holiday specials spawned an award winning stage musical. This is a mini musical based on that play. Putting some incredible songs with the die hard animation stylings of Charles Schultz is an award winning combination and a treat for all true Peanuts fans. When the holidays are over this is the one for you.

THE WALTONS Movie Collection

The show that refused to die. Even after it was finished with its initial run, this thing kept coming back for more. In this collection we are given six feature films that are all, in reality, reunion films of the beloved television show. You get;
A Wedding On Walton's Mountain
Mother's Day On Walton's Mountain
A Day For Thanks On Walton's Mountain
A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion
A Walton Wedding
A Walton Easter
That is a lot of Waltons! And for true fans of the show it will help complete your collections.


So, with just a couple of more seasons to go until the end, Dallas started pulling out all the stops. From JR in prison to his daring prison break. And you just knew that all those women he messed with would come back to haunt him, but even JR couldn't have foreseen a tell all movie financed by his ex. All that and more of the twisted night time drama known as Dallas.

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