Wednesday, September 23, 2009

one eskim0

one eskim0 is a new UK band. It is also the story of a little Eskimo and his lady love, Little Feather and how they must battle the evil man with the top hat and his forces of darkness if they are ever to come back together again.
Conceptual albums are far from a new idea, but one eskim0, in conjunction with Warner Brothers, have taken it to a new level.
Not only are there a series of short, animated films that connect into a whole, but it is interactive as well. If you go to you can help one eskim0 in his search for his lady love.
With animation by Passion Pictures, well known for their award winning animation of the GORILLAZ videos, The Adventures of one eskim0 take you on an amazing journey.
I watched all of these in one setting and they went by in a blur. The music melds perfectly with the action onscreen and eliminates the need for any dialogue. I tried my hand at the online games and did horribly, but I do not do well at those for the most part so, no harm no foul.
This is really a great idea for a concept album and I hope that more bands utilize this idea.
Can you imagine a RUSH concept album with art by Hayoa Miyazaki? I think I just gave myself chills.
Check out the trailer

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