Wednesday, June 17, 2009


When I got this to review I had almost forgot this movie existed. I missed the theatrical release because, well because the movie didn't look like it was going to grab me. But, first a plot synopsis.
Seems there are these things called Silvertongues who when they read from a book, pull characters and things from the book. Brendan Fraser makes this mistake when he pulls characters from a book called Inkheart. Unfortunately, when you pull stuff out of a book it must be replaced. In this case it was his wife.
Now, he has to find another copy of the book and read his wife out of the book. Problem is that the characters from the book, for the most part, have no desire to go back and will do anything in their power to stop him.
Now, this sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? Yeah, then why was I looking at my watch after the halfway point? The movie just drags, which is unfortunate because the premise is sound. The young lady playing Brendan Fraser's daughter is charming and needed more to do and more screen time. The fact that they had Jennifer Connelly in the flick and she had just one line is astonishing to me. Is that really the best they could do with her?
Andy Sirkis gives us a classic scene chewing villain the like we haven't seen since Max Van Sydow played Emepror Ming so,m that was cool.
The disc comes with both the fullscreen and widescreen versions of the film and no extras worth mentioning.
I'm gonna call this one a fail.

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