Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I never miss an episode of this show. I make time for that hour to watch it. The kids know it and Martha actually likes this season so she watches it with me. Anyway, I'm not here to recap the episode, go watch the thing yourself. What I am here to do is comment on how the company has made a fatal mistake as of this episode.
If you haven't watched it, stop reading now. And why haven't you? Remember when television was on when it was on? Sure, you could record the thing, but it was always easier to just make the time. Before these Tivos and other recording devices. Now people just fill up the hard drives on these things and never watch anything. Instead it just gets deleted because you couldn't make the time.
Excuse me while I clamber off this soapbox, will you?
Anyway, Theodore T-Bag Bagwell has found himself in a precarious position. Working with Homeland Security agent Don Self to sell Scylla to the highest bidder, he has been put in charge of Gretchen's sister and daughter. T-Bag is a well documented pedophile, but this is the old T-Bag. This T-Bag has tasted the good life of being a corporate executive and it makes him happy. Now he is being treated like less than a human being by a number of people and he is starting to fray around the edges. It all comes to a head when a bible salesman comes to their door and T-Bag decides that he's a company man and conks the guy over the head, ties him to a chair and beats him for a confession.
He doesn't get one and it becomes certain that this is just an innocent man caught up in a bad situation. In the end T-Bag makes an honorable decision and lets the sister and Gretchen's daughter go. He even gives them money to speed them on their way. Then he unties the bible salesman.
And then it hits the fan.
Turns out that his first instinct was the correct one and the bible salesman knocks him out and ties him up to take him to the company.
What the company doesn't realize that in that simple act of betrayal they have unleashed the beast known as T-Bag. I can't see this character ever redeeming himself after this magnitude of betrayal at the hands of the company. He will become the monster that everyone already thinks that he is and if he isn't watched carefully during his capture, will turn into a death dealing abomination the likes this series has ever seen.
Of course this is all speculation and with only two more episodes left in a series that has already been threatened with cancellation, I have no idea how they can resolve this entire issue, but it will be interesting to see how they try.
Robert Knepper deserves an Emmy for last night's performance and if they can't see that then Hollywood isn't only blind; it's retarded.

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