Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I remember growing up on the Lynda Carter series and being in adolescent love with that statuesque woman. Now, Warner Brothers is giving the character what it deserves in the newest in the series of films they have been releasing that started with Justice League: New Frontier and then Batman: Gotham Knight which, to me, was infinitely better than the Dark Knight film being forced down our collective throats. Now it's Wonder Woman's turn and here's a little clip and pic to make to you wonder why we don't have this excellent flick in our hot little hands. Enjoy!


And that excellent pic as well:

I have always been a fan of Wonder Woman and feel that she has been saddled with a bad rap through the years mostly because of writers that have no idea what to do with her. This film should make a positive change on that opinion. Keep it tuned here for more updates as we get them.

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