Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SUPER HEROES: The Filmation Adventures

If you were a kid growing up from the sixties until the late eighties, you knew the name Lou Scheimer. His name would spin after every cartoon he made with his partner Norm Prescott. The name Hal Sutherland showed up more often than not as the director of shows like He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe and Fat Albert. These were prolific men in the world of American animation. Forget Disney. Lou and his band of merry men gave us the shows that we really wanted. Superheroes, science fiction, action and adventure. This was the legacy of Filmation who's logo is recognizable even today;

Now, the folks at Warner Brothers has released SUPER HEROES: The Filmation Adventures. These are DC characters from The Flash to Hawkman and many more besides. Eighteen episodes of that classic Filmation animation we have come to love. Sure, there is a lot of stock footage in any Filmation cartoon, but that's part of it's charm. It's what generations of children grew up with and fondly remember.
In addition to the eighteen episodes of bombastic entertainment there is a forty minute documentary on Lou Scheimer. This is amazing to watch from his humble beginnings to being one of the most prolific studios in The United States at the time. Lou Scheimer was the everyman for people who loved cartoons. Not Disney. He loved each and every person who worked for him and it showed right up to the point where the studio was bought and closed in a week's time. This is a wonderful documentary that really deserves some airplay in addition to it's inclusion on this two disc set.
If you are a true fan of animation this is a box set you must have in your collection. The documentary alone is worth the price and they throw in a bunch of classic cartoons to boot. Relive your childhood with the SUPER HEROES: The Filmation Adventures.

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