Thursday, May 4, 2017


A short week. You'd think with Free Comic Book Day right around the corner that there would be more, but what do I know? Maybe they did that on purpose. This week was a nice change from last weeks four cancelled books. Instead I got two new books that are simply fantastic

and one of them is the Comic Book of the Week.
Let's dive right in with...


I know there a lot of GOTG books out there. I've read a few from the Black Vortex crossover a while back. But this has Gerry Duggan writing it and after his spectacular run on Uncanny Avengers he deserves my money to try this out. And I'm glad I did. There are laughs and fun and suspense and the end. Wow! That's all I can say. I'll be getting this book for a while, Hope to see you there as well.


The fight continues as he finishes off the plague master and gores against a former inhabitant of K'un Lun that paid the ultimate price for attempting to receive the Iron Fist. Such a great book and the artwork is fantastic as well.


The Hard Water saga has ended. Aquaman takes a desperate situation a responds in a way that endears him to the surface dwellers while angering Mera in the process. This was a great story. We got Aquaman and Mera swooping in to help with a sea based problem that quickly escalated beyond control and then a satisfactory ending. It felt so old school and while that might bother some folks it made me happy that comics books are just comic books again. Good stuff.


I have been curious about this book for some time now and man was the wait worth it. Black Bolt awakens in a prison he was never meant to go to. The mystery of how he got there is kind of explained, but it might not be the actual explanation. I did not keep up with any recent Inhumans book so, coming in cold I still love this book. The magnificent artwork by Christian Ward and Saladin Ahmed's writing go hand in hand like a well crafted piece of art. Kind of a creepy horror book and that's cool.


Ollie goes face to face with The Four Horsemen that are trying to destroy Seattle and forge it into something else. When he realizes he's over matched he runs. It's more important to save lives than fight a bunch of super villains. Right? This story is churning along and just keeps getting better with each chapter. One of the best of the Rebirth series.


Yup, we are here already. I told you, short week. Anyway, I was perusing the aisles of Fanfare Comics and saw this book. A little girl riding a T Rex? Sure, let's take a look. Waitaminit! Is that price tag right? A buck fifty? And is that newsprint I feel? How can I go wrong with all of these things aligning the cosmos and whatnot like that.
What could happen?
I tell you what could happen, I could find a new book that is awesome.


Lilith is a little girl in a normal world that is bored out of her skull. Sometimes her imagination gets away from her, until something fantastic enters the picture and the life of amazing adventure is dropped at her doorstep. This book is so good. The way she talks makes me laugh out loud. I have little grand daughters and while they aren't quite as eloquent as Lilith, yet, you can see the fire of imagination burn brightly in their eyes. Lilith Dark put that on the page and makes for an excellent comic the likes of which I really haven't had the chance to enjoy in decades.
I hope it goes beyond the four issues.
Way beyond.

Okay, there you go folks. I'm always badgering you to go read a comic book. This week end you can go get some books for free. Don;t miss out. Free, no strings attached, just free magnificent comic books. Maybe I'll write up the books I get this weekend.

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