Thursday, April 6, 2017


Probably the shortest column to date. There were not a lot of books out this week, but there was a lot of great stuff regardless. Ready? Good I need to get this done so I can finish getting ready for Cinema Wasteland, the best convention in the world!
Here we go...


As the series nears it's end Jem has revealed her secret to an angry Rio who has left the island. The Stingers have decided to break everyone up and hatch a plan to drive a wedge between Stormer and Kimber and it might involve lava. Not on purpose or anything, but, hey, stuff happens. It feels like next issue will be the end and I will be sad to see the book go. Now I will just have three books about fictional girl bands to buy. Oh well, If you haven't picked up the book they did just release the first six books in a trade that looks pretty sweet.


Zim is jealous of another Invader so he takes over the local Burrito King, but neither he or Gir now how to make a burrito. Here's a hint; they do not contain howler monkeys. I heard they are doing a new movie and I hope it's as much fun as this series has been. I remember when it started and they were doing a limited series. Yeah, Zim doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon. Thank goodness.


The end of The Return of Roy Harper. The crooked people get what's coming to them and justice of a sort is given to the natives. Green Arrow and Roy mend old wounds and decide that two people might be better suited to bring Green Arrow back to his former glory. This book has been fascinating to read, the art is always exceptional the writing is magnificent. They have been making this one of the best books in the new Rebirth.


Speaking of great Rebirth books, Aquaman manages to switch gears from huge, world shattering issues to Aquaman and Mera trying to discover what is turning normal people into monsters that can teleport through the smallest amount of water. Next issue will give us the reveal and I can't wait to see what we will get. Another great issue.


Danny Rand has been presented with an offer. On the island of Liu-Shi there are seven masters of different animal styles of kung fu. If he defeats them all he will receive their chi and regain what has been lost to him. Lose and the secret of Shou Lao the Undying will become the property of Liu Shi and they will transform into the new city of Heaven. This has been a great start to a new series and I will be happy to see what becomes of it as the tournament continues. Art is also very good. The whole thing feels like a big budget kung fu movie.



From the first issue of the first volume of this book the biggest problem has been that The Red Skull has incorporated Charles Xavier's brain with his own. Now, with Deadpool giving Rogue Magneto's helmet, effectively breaking any sort of mind control, the brain of Charles Xavier has been separated from The Red Skull once and for all.
To me this book has been the most Marvel like it takes a disparate group of heroes, presents them with impossible challenges and they rise above them and win. Last issue got me so pumped for this issue that it was the first thing I read. With all the changes in Marvel that I am not a huge fan of I am glad this book is here for me. It was the best thing I read all week and it also has me jonesing for the next issue.
My favorite book is the book of the week.

Okay, there you go kiddies. A short, small week, but some of the best things I have read in a while. GO visit your local comic book shop and get some books to read. You know you want to.


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