Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Direction For Penguin Comics

I have a couple of websites that I go to on a regular basis; Comics Alliance and Comic Book Resources. Of the two I like Comic Book Resources more. Comics Alliance just seems like the drama queen of comic book sites, but they both like to get that negative news out there.
That's not why I read comic books.
I have read them for five decades for entertainment and some of the best story telling in the world.
When I decided to do this blog it was for my friend, Larry Stanley, who passed away and his website fell by the wayside.
Larry loved comic books.
I think that from now on we will just focus on that. Sure, there are things that make me mad about comic books (Rick Remender, anyone?), but there are plenty of other sites that deal in that particular currency and we won't be doing that here.
Stick around, this is gonna be fun.

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