Friday, September 13, 2013


I really no longer have any reason to buy a DC comic anymore.

They cancelled all these;

This was my favorite of the new 52. It was weird, quirky and we got so many cool super hero names. You suck DC.

Really?!? The only thing cooler than this comic was the one above it.

It's Hawkman! How do you cancel Hawman??? Maybe DC could suck less.

This made my daughter upset. I never like my daughter upset. The gauntlet is thrown DC.

Probably one of the most Kirbyesque comics that we got from this run of 52. And they cancelled it. Idiots!

I had high hopes for this one, but the fake Catwoman death is just bullshit and we get that she has boobs. How is she doing all those moves and not having major tit slip issues?? Bleh!

Luckily, Marvel Comics is still around and there is The Mice Templar and IDW's new Godzilla comic so, I've got those.

Goodbye DC. You suck! 

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