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Okay, I recently made the decision to re enter the world of buying comic books. Not a lot, but things that genuinely interested me. I've got a few of each of the issues so this column will be kind of an overview and then every two weeks, because that is when I go to the comic book store, I will be covering the issues I buy. Sound good? Okay, let's go!


I was sad that my local shop didn't have the State of Michigan flag so I went with the traditional stars and stripes cover.
Here is your team; Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Star Girl, Katana, Green Arrow, A Green Lantern, Vibe, Catwoman.
This is the intro issue and it's really about finding powers to counteract the heavy hitters in Justice League. It seems that the government saw Superman kissing Wonder Woman and now they are worried they will make super babies and take over the world. This is such a quirky team and I like what they have accomplished in a single issue. Upfront I am not a fan of the new DC 52. They cancelled the OMAC book and the Frankenstein book and the Hawkman book. Pretty much if I liked it they cancelled it. I'm going to stick around for this one to see how it plays out. David Finch's art works for this book. His Catwoman is exquisite.

Captain America is my favorite super hero. No one is better than Captain America as long as it's Steve Rogers. No one else can do the job in my opinion and it has been tried. With the fantastic art of Klaus Janson and John Romita Jr. we get such a Kirbyesque feel to the book and that is what it needs with this storyline. Captain America has been kidnapped by Arnim Zola and whisked away to the lethal Dimension Z. Insane beasts and humanoids roam the countryside and Captain America has to survive. And he's not alone. when he made his break from Arnim Zola's stronghold he took a baby with him. He has to watch someone else's back now and he has sworn to the child they will both return to Earth.
This reminds me of when Kirby was doing Captain America. The art screams it at you and that is good. I thought it was a ballsy move to have issue two start with the phrase, 'one year later'. This is a Captain America out of his element and still remembering what it is that makes him Captain America. I see this being a great book for a very long time and will stick with it for as long as this team manages to keep up this level of story telling.

DIAL H #s 1 & 2

I know the book has been out for a while and I get that I will have to play catch up. I will get two issues at a time or more if cash allows it. This has always been one of my favorite things that has come from DC and I like that they are taking us back to the origins of the dial. Not everything is laid out for us, but we get little nibbles of the mystery that is Dial H. I thought it would also be a good idea to run down the heroes in each issue.
Issue one had six of them even though only one went past the one panel mark; Dead Hood, Arrowmaid, The Needler, Power Squirrel (I would have liked to see more of this one), Nuclear Punch and Bumper Carla who with her awesome bumper car manages to put the kibosh on some seriously mean monsters.
Issue 2 had Boy Chimney who was pretty cool with his smoke powers and body made of brick and Captain Lachrymose (Look it up, makes it funnier) who made me laugh out loud.
This is so in the vein of the original with better storylines that I can't wait to get caught up on each and every issue.


I went to get an Avengers book and was overwhelmed. There were so many different ones on the rack. How would I choose? I decided on Uncanny Avengers because I liked the word 'uncanny' and I saw Captain America on the cover.
Here's your team; Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Havok and Wolverine.
Apparently there was some weird stuff going on with that whole Avengers VS X-Men thing that I skipped. Charles Xavier is dead...again. And Cyclops is a bad guy?!?
Captain America realizes the need for a mutant/human get along and asks Havok to lead the team. Sure, it's because he looks normal out of costume, but you do need good PR for a team that will be half mutants.
And who are they fighting?
Red Skull.
He has decided to cleanse New York City of all mutants. How? Simple, he stole Charles Xavier's body and bonded his brain to Xavier's. Now he can bend the masses to his will. In three issues he has managed to wreak havoc (No pun intended) and lobotomize and kill Avalanche in the initial attack. Now he will use his powers to bring the Eternal Reich to the world. His weapon? Thor.
This is a really good comic and the artwork by John Cassaday is awesome. It is not lost on me that the writer is Rick Remender who is doing such a great job on my Captain America comic book.
Out of all the Avengers comics on the rack today I do believe that I have chosen the best.

See everyone in two weeks with whatever else I buy. I'm pretty sure Captain America #4 will be out as well as more catching up with Dial H. we shall see.

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