Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Sure, summer is done and gone, well unless you count Indian Summer in which case we have another month of Summer. Anway, here's a trio of stuff that you need for your shelves.


I really liked the first entry in this series, and you know they're gonna make more of them. But, the second one had things that didn't work for me. They killed off the girl from the first film. No spoiler there, it happens pretty early on. There is a lot of the same kind of thing from the first film. Their version of Moriarty is pretty cool. But I really didn't like the ending.
That being said I am fond of these DVD/Blu Ray/Digital combo packs. Probably the best invention ever.


In a world with Heathcliff and Garfield I have always liked Heathcliff more. I think I was exposed to his antics waaaaay before Garfield. The Dingbats are monsters so that's fun for me. I thought there was a catchy theme song and was pretty excited about that, but I was thinking of the series with the Cadillac Cats. Better luck next time. Oh, and this is a treasure that everyone should have in their collection.


Before Star Trek, Gene Roddenbery had a show called The Lieutenant. Gary Lockwood is the title character and he is a lieutenant in a California Marine base.  The show is full of special guest stars from Norman Fell to Bill Bixby and Dennis Hopper. There are things in here that you see surface in the original Star Trek show that makes this fun to watch. Warner Archives does a magnificent job with presenting these things that wouldn't survive a DVD release, but Video on Demand suits it just fine.

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