Friday, June 8, 2012

DC 52 - Earth 2

So, everyone has their favorite team book. I loves me some Avengers, but that wasn't my favorite. I have always had a spot for Justice Society. Those guys worked on such awesome power levels and they were old school super heroes. Some of my favorites.
Now, DC is doing Earth 2 which is a re imagining of my precious Justice Society.
I have read the first two issues.
Before I do my review I noticed that DC has been doing damage control because Green Lantern a.k.a. Alan Scott is a homosexual. Believe me when I say that where Alan Scott goes for his lovin' is the least of my problems with this new book.
I read the first two issues and it deals with Earth 2. Good to know that Crisis on Infinite Earths was all for nothing, huh? This is the dawning of the superheroes that will exist there.
Small problem.
They are using all the names of the original Justice Society and giving them origins and costumes that look like they were culled from the Image Comics reject pile.
The origins suck. The costumes suck and, apparently, so does Alan Scott. Sorry, I really couldn't resist it.
So, to summarize, yet another DC book sucks. I am completely offended by this book in such a great way that I think I'm gonna have to just give DC a pass for the foreseeable future. I can read the Showcase reprints of when they didn't suck and Marvel hasn't ticked me off yet.
Seeya DC! Eat it! Yes, another gay joke. Once you start it is so hard to stop.

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Anonymous said...

I had such hopes for this book too. I used to love the old All Star Squadron when I was a kid. It was a chance to see these heroes in a classic setting that I wasn't around in time for. I was really hoping for a similar approach here, or perhaps using earth 2 as something more recognizable, closer to the classic DCU. Funny not too long ago, I was making comments about the JLA looking like DC was taken over by early 90's Image> good to see I'm not the only one being alienated here