Monday, June 6, 2011


ThunderCats, Ho!

ThunderCats: The Original Series
Season 1, Part 1

The Legendary 80’s Cartoon Comes to DVD on July 12, 2011

BURBANK, CA (June 5, 2011) – This summer, the Code of Thundera will
live on when Warner Home Video releases ThunderCats: The Original
Series Season 1 Part 1 July 12, 2011 on DVD – just ahead of the
all-new series premiere of ThunderCats on Cartoon Network. The 2-disc
collection set, priced to own at $19.97, includes the first 12
action-packed episodes, as well as a special featurette entitled "Feel
the Magic, Hear the Roar," where fans speak out about their incredible
passion for the classic animated series.
One of the 1980s’ most popular animated series, ThunderCats spawned
fan-driven conventions and a wide array of highly sought-after
consumer products – from action figures and video games to lunch boxes
and comic books. ThunderCats: The Original Series Season 1 Part 1
introduces the first animated adventures of the feline-inspired
fantasy! A noble band of survivors from the peaceful world of Thundera
bravely faces off against vicious mutants intent on destroying them.
Make way for exotic creatures, mystical powers and action-packed
battles of good versus evil in the exciting saga of the ThunderCats!
ThunderCats: The Original Series Season 1 Part 1 follows the heroic
groups’ early adventures as they adopt Third Earth as their new home
and encounter alien beings galore – some friendly, some looking for a
fight! And while they brave their strange surroundings, their young
leader Lion-O struggles with his new responsibilities as head of their
foundling civilization. The result is more than four hours of classic
cartoon thrills.
“This release is perfectly timed to engage devoted fans eagerly
awaiting the new ThunderCats series debut on Cartoon Network this
summer,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, WHV Executive Director, Family &
Animation Marketing. “We are excited for this great opportunity to
introduce the series to a brand new generation a quarter of a century
after the original premiere.”


Disc 1

1. Exodus

2. The Unholy Alliance

3. Berbils

4. The Slaves of Castle Plun-darr

5. Pumma-Ra

6. The Terror of Hammerhand

Disc 2

7. Trouble with Time

8. The Tower of Traps

9. The Garden of Delights

10. Mandora the Evil Chaser

11. The Ghost Warrior

12. The Doomgaze

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