Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, not me personally. I contributed to the anthology MONDO SASQUATCH and apprently they liked my story enough to include it. It's a tale entitled Sasquatch Vs. El Chupacabra. Sounds pretty straight forward, but I tried to play it a little different.

Here's a list of all the contributers;

• “I Have Always Wondered What Bigfoot Meat Tastes Like: An Introduction” by Louis Fowler
• “Arlo Felling Exists” by Richard Tiernan
• “Bigfoot and the Bone Face Murders” by Michael May
• “Bigfoot Must Die” by Frankie Marino
• “From Hell’s Heart” by Desmond Reddick
• “Incident at Crater Lake” by Casey Criswell
• “Roadside Attraction” by Matthew P. Mayo
• “Sacrifice” by Shawn Gilbreath
• “Sasquatch vs. El Chupacabra” by Douglas Waltz
• “Strike” by Michael D. Winkle
• “The Ballad of the Skunk Ape” by Jarret Keene
• “The Encounter” by Mike White
• “The Tale of Peter Rabbit and the Sasquatch” by Beatrix Potter and Rod Lott
• “The Tragic Hazing of Bryan Igfoot” by Eric Dimbleby
• “Theodore Roosevelt and the Great American Anthropoid” by Bill Adcock

And here's the really cool cover:

I will give more information as the release date looms ever closer.

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