Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Sister's Keeper (2009)

So, I was sent this little drama in the mail the other day and thought to myself; What the Hell is this about? I vaguely remember when it was on at the theaters and dismissed it as a chick flick.
Then I read what it was about.
What the Hell is wrong with people?
How can anyone call this a drama with some touching, funny moments?
This is a horror movie plain and simple.
Don't believe me? Okay, let's play a game. I'm going to pitch you guys a movie and then it's your tun to fill in the blank for me.
This couple has a kid who has leukemia. She needs bone marrow to survive. They have another kid that serves no other purpose than to supply their first daughter with bone marrow. It finally comes to the leukemia girl going into renal failure and the donor girl realizing that they will be coming for her kidneys.
Okay, what kind of movie does this sound like to you?
It's a horrible, disgusting horror flick of the worst kind.
What kind of people think like this?
Worse, who would think that this would make a good movie. Apparently, it's based on a book so that means some sick bastard thought up this stuff beforehand and thought that it would be a poignant drama instead of the horrible thing that it truly is.
Why would the doctors in charge of this even let this happen?
So, if you're looking for a morally bankrupt, disgusting, vile horror movie that blankets itself in the drama genre, then be my guest.
As for me, I'm sorry I even heard of this film.
Oh and one last thing for Cameron Diaz;
We liked you better when you were sexy and curvy like in THE MASK with Jim Carrey. Stop being in crappy films like this and that new one with the box and half of Frank Langella's face.
Avoid this travesty at all costs.

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