Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Releases!

Things have been a little hectic here at The Waltz Compound, but that's no reason not to let you people know what's being released on DVD.
Firdt up is the release of Season 2 of Pushing Daisies. Now I have to admit that when I saw a preview for the original first season, I was less than impressed. Then I watched some episodes of this season and I thought it was very funny, quirky and weird. Unfortunately, it's also off the air which is a real shame. Nevertheless, we have these two season and the second season is more fun than the first.
Here's a clip:

Then it's time for the kiddies with the newest disc from that world famous quartet of singing sillies, The Wiggles! Lots of songs and even the lovely Kylie Minogue as a guest star makes this one a toe tapping funfest for the little ones in your house. I do miss the original guy in the yellow shirt, however. Kind of takes away from it for me, but I'm sure the little ones won't mind.

Then we wrap up with one of those fun father daughter flicks. This time we have te advantage of TV funnyman George Lopez in the title role of Mr. Troop Mom as George becomes the only man in an entire camp of teen age girls. This is actually a pretty fun flick and the laughs are plentiful. Good for Mr. Lopez.

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