Sunday, April 26, 2009

Max Fleischer's Superman 1941-1942 DVD Set

Hey, look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Settle down, it's just me, Stew. I have returned to good old Penguin for a little update of my own lest you all think I've gotten too big for my britches over at GUNAXIN.COM where I currently dole out the funny. I haven't and, as ever, I am humble and still like to make my magic happen at other locations as well. Damn, I am kinda a douchebag, huh? Sorry.

Oh, by the way, since I'm spinning a review yarn here I may as well point you in the direction of some great tunes that I happen to be listening to while I write: The Stone Roses self-titled debut from back in the 80's. Procure youselves a copy post haste. I guarantee enjoyment of the highest degree.

So, Superman. Back in the 40's he wasn't nearly the household name we've all come to know and love today. He wasn't this ultra-ass-kicking behemoth of tremendous power and nigh-cosmic limitless strength. He didn't even FLY! Nope, back when Fleischer was comissioned to do the Superman shorts (nine of them, all within this series), he and Fleischer both were battling odds with quite a few people, namely differing studios and the big-wigs therein. Though Fleischer was one of animations great pioneers developing the early stages of rotoscoping (tracing over live-action film movement to create far more realistic animation) as well as his biggest classic, Betty Boop, he went through quite a number of slings and arrows. This set not only includes the classic cartoons, but also:

First Flight: The origins and influence of the groundbreaking series.

The Man, The Myth, Superman: Exploring the timeline and tradition of the Hero.

And an exclusive sneek peek of the Animate Green Lantern

This set is beautifully and lovingly rendered for DVD and is quite a fun watch, especially if you have kids as I do who only know Supes in his current indestructible incarnation. Check it out, it's well worth a true lover of animation's time. Very cool!

Here's an episode that appears on the set just to wet your whistle!

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