Monday, February 9, 2009


Let me state for the record that I have not yet read the novel that this is based on. Because of the movie I will probably seek out the novel, but more on that later.
First up is my sense of irritation. I was basically forced to watch this in 3D. In all of Kalamazoo and it's surrounding areas there were only two theaters showing the film and it was in 3D. Did 3D enhance the film in any way. Not for me. I admit there was no headache like my previous experience with My Bloody Valentine, but that's because the film wasn't made for 3D. Not a lot of stuff flying at you. It does give the film some depth, but a well done 2D movie can achieve the same effect.
There, I have complained sufficiently.
Now, on to the movie. It was quirky, funny and weird. There were things that reminded me of it's predecessor, A Nightmare Before Christmas, but it stands on it's own. I found myself being creeped out more than once and there was a scene that takes place near the end with the living room full of bug furniture that reminded me a lot of Beetlejuice.
I thought that the film was fine. I have a lot of questions that I won't go into here because I don't want to ruin the film for anyone else. It's probably more me being a nitpicker than anything else. The best part for me was that I got to go with my family. I always enjoy time spent with my family so, that was the best part of the film for me.
That and the trailers for Land Of The Lost and Monsters VS. Aliens. Two films that I will definitely see in the theaters because;
You'll understand eventually.

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