Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey there, kiddies! It's your friendly Uncle Stew again doing what I do best: combining several strings of words together to make coherent and elaborate sentences! And this time, rather than give you folks a little taste of specific movies that have hit the scene, I am going to ramble on about a sweet new book I just picked up this very day! From the very author who brought us the original 'The Book of Lists', Amy Wallace, comes 'The Book Of Lists: HORROR'. How incredibly cool is that? Well, I'll tell you: Rather.
The same basic structure that we've come to know and love from our Books Of Lists, Wallace has gone above and beyond scouring every available surface of a subject not only near and dear to many people's hearts (mine included), but also quite immense, even going so far as to interview Stephen King, Eli Roth, Ray Bradbury, C. Courtney Joyner, Mikita Brottman, and a slew of others for their respective inputs on varying subjects as lists. This book appeals to me a great deal as I do a little site of my own dedicated to lists, often times delving into the beloved horror genre right HERE , so this book was a must-have and I am so glad I did. I love reading what other greats of the Horror umbrella love about film, books, and various media and the myriad things they list within them such as: Richard Stanley's Ten Favorite Italian Horror Movies, Vince Churchill's Top Ten List of Films in Which The Black Guy Lives, Lisa Tuttle's Ten Favorite Scary Short Stories, and many many more. This book goes out of its way to locate, living or dead, each and every significant contributor to Horror over the past 50 years and finds a way to list something they love. Wonderful.
Lest you think this book is just page after page of lists, think again. The comments are intelligent, the author's insights as to why each enjoys specific things is witty and informative, and each page is a treasure trove of fun reading in an otherwise bleak genre. All horror fans need to check this out and have fun answering such questions as: 'I wonder what horror author, Thomas Ligotti would list as his ten classic pieces of horror poetry?' Well, now you'll know. A great read and nice and thick for the relatively low cover price of $14.99. Enjoy!


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This sounds FANTASTIC!!!

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