Saturday, September 13, 2008


When I was growing up I was a Marvel Zombie. My best friend was a DC Dork. This worked out well for me because I would actually read any comic book you put in front of me. My buddy, Steve, loved Legion Of Superheroes. Of all the DC titles I would say that it was the most fun. It was also the most serious of the bunch. Heroes like Ferro Lad being killed. Lightning Lad losing an arm that had to be replaced by a robot one. Triplicate Lass becoming Duo Damsel because one of her three entities got killed. The Legion OF Superheroes didn't pull many punches.
Now we get a cartoon version of that beloved comic from the good people at Warner Brothers.
How does it compare? Think Teen Titans. The book is one thing, but the cartoon managed to forge through it's established mythology and become an entertaining entity of it's own. I think that Legion is doing the same thing. The main Legionnaires are Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad. And of course we also get Superboy.
Did I forget about mentioning Superboy? See that is the whole premise of the comic. Superboy travels through time to have adventures with The Legion OF Superheroes. Very cool concept that helps to ground the Legion firmly in the DC Universe.
This DVD gives us five adventures in The Substitutes, Child's Play, Chain Of Command and Sundown parts 1 and 2. The last one gave me chills because it involves an ancient weapon called The Sun Eater. It brought back memories of a classic comic in the annals of Legion history.
Warner Brothers have given us a great addition to the DC comics that a lot of us grew up with. It strikes the perfect balance between silly and fun and some serious super hero action. Bravo!
Hopefully they will consider putting the entire run into one box set in the near future for us collectors. That would be fantastic.
To whet your whistle, here's a clip of the two parter that I personally applaud them for sti8cking so close to the original comic book. Click HERE.

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